The expectation was that the film would be interesting and exciting. And it was.
But, what happened afterwards was totally unexpected.

The film was one of those films that starts off, nothing special, characters being introduced one-by-one, everything calm and orderly. But then, as the film goes on a sudden occurrence, in this case modern-day pirates suddenly attacking a freight ship, had everyone glued to the action, which just built and built. Thankfully Captain Phillips aka Tom Hanks survived (just).

As we ambled out of the cinema and across the foyer a young gentlemen exited the doors ahead of us and at the same time I heard an agitated shout behind us shouting, “Stop! Stop there!”. I assumed this was directed at the gentlemen going out through the doors ahead of us, perhaps having left something behind in the cinema and someone was trying to catch his attention.

It was not until I turned around that I had a split second to realise the angry, stocky, middle-aged man was striding straight for me. My first thought was not what he wanted but to automatically drop into a defensive posture and decide how to stop him without causing him injury. Just as I was about to take defensive action he was stopped in his tracks by his wife who had emerged in the background and shouted, “It wasn’t him!”, upon which my potential assailant stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me sheepishly and subsequently apologised to me.

The upshot was that his daughter had been in the cinema with this gentleman and his wife, with a man sat next to her who objected to her checking her mobile phone during the film as she was “on call” (medical staff or such-like I assumed). Whether it was right or wrong for her to do this, the result was the man sat next to her went to swipe the phone out of her hands and struck her instead. As a result, Father wanted to remonstrate with this man, but in doing so identified the wrong person. Me.

I certainly was not expecting to be accosted in the cinema foyer after a Tom Hanks film (or any other film, for that matter) on a Friday night. Although I had not needed to use my physical self defence skills, neither did I seek to berate this gentleman for false accusations. If you can deter, diffuse and walk away safely from a tricky situation, you have just demonstrated good self defence.